About Pokemon Sun and Moon Game

Have you ever player Pokemon games? I'm sure the answer is 'Yes'. Did you know know about the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? Read more about this game below.
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are role-playing games developed bt Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company. The Games takes place in the tropical islands of a new region called Alola. Both titles are first set of VII Generation of Pokemon games, coming for the Nintendo 3DS consoles. Pokemon Sun and Moon bring numerous of new pokemons and areas to explore. Improved graphics and game mechanics will appeal to everyone.  You are able to transfer all caught pokemons from the previous games into Sun and Moon Pokemon Bank. It is recommended to install all owned pokemon games before doing this. Become Pokemon trainer and catch all never seen pokemons and become Pokemon Champion!. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon presents two player characters, Cody and Irene. You can simply download Pokemon Sun and Moon android apk also.

Ok, let's download Pokemon Moon and Sun APK now!

Now you can simply download POKEMON MOON installer.apk


POKEMON MOON ANDROID version full game apk + SD files (compatible with android 4+)

Now you can simply download POKEMON SUN installer.apk


POKEMON SUN ANDROID version full game apk + SD files(compatible with android 4+)

After downloading, run installer.apk and install game on your smartphone or tablet.